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ST Hightec EFB

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ST Hightec EFB
DIN - German Institute of Standardization

JIS - Japan International Standard

Enhanced Performance for Entry-Level Start-Stop

Batteries with Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) technology are built for higher performance than conventional flooded batteries and to support entry-level start-stop vehicles.

Recommended for standard vehicles with high electrical demands as well. EFB technology provides double cyclic stability with high endurance from deep discharges.

Additional Info: Designed to support Start-Stop engines. EFB maintains power supply to the electrical devices when the engine shuts off and is able to restart in a fraction of a second. EFB can also be fitted in standard engines to enhance starting power and meet the increasing electrical demands.

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Fulfills the expectation of Start-Stop characteristics by providing dynamic charge acceptance and cyclic endurance up to 2 times compared to standard flooded batteries

- Extra Long Service Life: High-density active material and optimized particle size for longer service life
- Start/Stop: Special negative additives are added to reduce the shrinkage of active materials which increases charging acceptance
- Extra High Performance: Small-sized windows of the expanded grid lowers resistance and improves conductivity for consistently high performance
- Higher Durability: Optimized negative grid alloy inhibits corrosion and prolongs the battery life cycle with a high depth of discharge
- Higher Depth of Discharge (DoD): Suitable for additional electrical load prevalent in modern vehicles to give you the extra power needed
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