ST Hightec EFB

ST Hightec EFB

ST Hightec AGM

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ST Hightec AGM

DIN - German Institute of Standardization

AGM technology for Advanced Start-Stop systems

Start-stop technology is rapidly gaining momentum in the market nowadays in an effort to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. In city traffic, the vehicle’s electrical system can consume more power than the alternator can supply. Due to less charging opportunity in start-stop systems, it is crucial to have a battery that is able to recharge quickly with superior starting power to enable engine off-mode.

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Tips Features & Specs:
- Constant power even for short distances
- Power for stop-and-go traffic or high consumption with the car at a standstill
- Up to 4 times higher deep-cycle resistance in comparison to conventional starter batteries
- Acid is completely bound in micro glass fibre mats
- Excellent charge acceptance
- Excellent cold starting power
- Maintenance free (e.g. fully sealed and secured against leaks)
- Original-equipment quality
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