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SM Mega Power Silver

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SM Mega Power Silver

JIS - Japan International Standard

Silver Technology for Optimal Performance

Dependable energy supply to the wide-ranging comfort and safety features is an important factor when choosing a battery. Bosch Mega Power Silver battery is the powerhouse for recent models or upmarket vehicles with multiple electronic consumables. Bosch innovative grid technology safeguards against performance loss over time.

Application: Compact to commercial vehicles with multiple electronic consumables.

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Tips Features & Specs:
- Anti-spill protection technology
- Silver Alloy increases conductivity for higher charge acceptance
- Bosch Patented Calcium-Silver technology supports additional safety features such as Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and Anti-lock
  - Assured safety with completely sealed and maintenance-free design
- Full protection against sparking and explosion by flame arrestor
- Approximately 30% higher starting power compared to a standard battery
- Reliable starting under extreme temperature
- Excellent corrosion resistance with the increased service life
- Enhanced safety with labyrinth lid design and flame arrestor
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