Tunap 115 CLEANER – 500ML Spray Can

Tunap 115 CLEANER – 500ML Spray Can

Liberty HYDE VG 68 – 205L Drum

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Liberty HYDE VG 68 – 205L Drum

Liberty HYDE VG 68 are high quality premium fluids formulated with advanced technology additives which are optimized for hydraulic applications and blended in highly refined Group II base oils. The presence of antioxidants, corrosion-inhibitors, anti-wear and anti-foaming additives, ensure effectives resistance to wear, oxidation rust and foaming even while under a high-load carrying capacity.

Liberty HYDE VG 68 have a sufficiently high viscosity index to sustain the good performance even at higher temperatures over extended operating intervals. There is a good filterability and demulsibility, furthermore the fluids behave neutrally towards ferrous metals, almost all non-ferrous metals and gasket material.

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Liberty HYDE VG 68 is recommended for normal or even high-pressure hydraulic systems using vane, piston or gear pumps in mobile and stationary equipment commonly used in Industrial, Construction, Agriculture and Mining sectors. Liberty Hyde AW 68 is also suitable for gear sets requiring non-EP gear oils, as well as industrial circulating systems where Rust and Oxidation (R & O) inhibited oils are recommended.

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